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Without water there is no life, no growth and no progress. Which is why BWT has dedicated itself to water – our most important vital consumable and our lifeblood – with a vision of becoming the global leader in water technology and developing products and processes that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.


BWT – For You and Planet Blue.



Our strapline “For You and Planet Blue.” summarises our mission in a nutshell, which is to implement sustainable and responsible corporate strategies to satisfy both the needs of the individual and to preserve the Earth as a unique habitat.


„For You“

BWT’s aims and products are designed to serve humans and their needs; “You” are our customers, our business partners and our employees.


„For Planet Blue“

This describes the central role the element water plays in our “blue planet” and also the remit of BWT: we use our expertise to make the limited water resources of our planet accessible and usable – and always in harmony with nature.



In practical terms, we implement our vision by submitting our products and services to tests and certification processes by independent institutions to achieve the best possible standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. These include ISO 9001 accreditation and compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). We have introduced environmental and energy management in compliance with ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 to embed the concept of sustainability in all our activities. We also send a clear signal in the area of occupational health and safety: with certification according to OHSAS 18001 – for the safety and health of our employees.


All BWT companies orient themselves to these standards, and some of our companies have already gained numerous ISO certifications, which reassures our customers and business partners that we act and work to the highest standards at all times.

Water Technologies




Only those who think and act innovatively will gain a technological advantage, and BWT’s innovation centres are committed to continuous research into all aspects of water treatment: filtration methods, filter media, ion exchange systems for demineralisation, softening, decarbonisation, membrane technologies (micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis), pure steam generators, pure water distilleries, UV systems, ozone generators, ion exchange membranes, electrolysis, electrodialysis, electrodeionisation, chlorine dioxide generators and dosage pumps.


We provide optimum quality water – precisely where it is needed.

Innovation by BWT


Our sole objective over many years has been to improve the quality of life wherever water is present, and to use customised water treatment processes to achieve the best possible water quality. However, we do not limit our range to standard products, but constantly set new standards in water technology. In the spirit of our “Feel, taste, see the difference” philosophy, we supply products to our customers that are genuinely innovative, which include pleasant-tasting and vitality-boosting drinking water, silky-soft Pearl Water as a beauty therapy, or water in its purest form as an essential component in high-tech applications. Feel, taste and see the difference!

Our Vision


BWT – the internationally leading water technology group




BWT’s vision has evolved out of all these challenges and demands. We want to become the world’s market-leading water technology group, and to achieve this we must grow all the areas of our business.

Growth in every sector

One of the drivers of growth is innovation. Only those who actively and continuously develop their products and services, and think out of the box, can grow bigger and better. We also understand the importance of geography; there are currently over 80 BWT subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide and R & D departments in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Russia. We’re working on gaining more!


To develop further, however, we must not only think of the future, but also of the here and now. This is why we strive to improve and optimise existing processes and procedures, and develop existing technologies and products in a spirit of constant improvement.


As we continue to grow, we consider it our duty to assume ecological, economic and social responsibility for all our activities.

BWT – a Corporate Success Story


An entrepreneurial spirit and a hunger for innovation and success are factors that have shaped and characterised BWT as a company, from its humble beginnings in Pforzheim to today’s large-scale enterprise.

The roots of the BWT group can be traced back to 1823, when Johann Adam Benckiser founded the small chemical factory in Germany bearing his name. In 1990 Andreas Weißenbacher laid the foundations for BWT as we know it today as part of a management buy-out, and from “Benckiser Water Technology” he created the “BWT”, the bedrock underpinning our long-term success story. BWT Aktiengesellschaft’s head office was initially based in Hallein, and two years later the still young company relocated to Mondsee.



The BWT Group celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. A quarter of a century of dynamic development since the founding of BWT Aktiengesellschaft confirms that its vision of becoming the internationally leading water technology group has been consistently pursued and is well on the way to being achieved.


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