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If the water is right, the result will be right – for coffee, tea, bread, bakery products and for gleaming crockery.


Water Optimisation for Coffee and Tea



If an inferior espresso offends the palate of a guest after a fine meal, this could make the entire experience a disappointment for the connoisseur. From the coffee shop to gourmet restaurant, the rule of thumb is that you need fine-tasting products of the highest quality to impress the guests’ palate, and water from BWT helps to achieve this.


Perfect water makes the best coffee

Water is a basic constituent in the demanding hospitality sector. Top quality water is the basis of the most refined beverages, e.g. to obtain the best flavour of a selected Sencha green tea, for an aromatic mocha made with coffee from the Ethiopian Highlands or for an elegant espresso prepared with Mexico Maragogipe beans. This is precisely what the filter cartridges from BWT can provide; water for use in professional coffee machines.


BWT best­max PREMIUM, an inno­va­ti­ve filtration system for use in the hospitality sector, optimises water straight from the tap. Any extraneous constituents, including calcium, particles and taste-impairing substances like chlorine, are removed from the tap water.


The filter cartridge with its Magne­sium Mine­ra­li­zer tech­no­lo­gy enriches the drinking water with precious magnesium to create perfect-tasting hot drinks.

Water Optimisation in the Vending Business



Vending success depends on water quality

Modern coffee vending machines are everywhere today, and have attained a quality level that brings out the character and variety of flavours of specialty coffees to perfection. The quality of dispensed beverages has risen dramatically, with a step-jump improvement in vending machine performance, and demand has also increased in terms of water quality, a crucial element in perfect coffee enjoyment. If you want to improve the high quality of your vending products, you need the best water available, regardless of on-site conditions.


The right product for every water requirement

We can satisfy the specific needs of the vending business with a broad range of products. BWT’s water optimisation not only ensures the sensory quality of vending products, but also provides a guarantee of reliable limescale protection and maximum operational safety.

BWT bestmax

BWT best­max is an all-round filtration solution developed for the diverse requirements of the hospitality sector. It is used for coffee machines, vending machines and for pure steam in ovens and combi steamers.


The outcome is hot and cold drinks, foods and bakery products of a consistently high quality.

Water Optimisation for Combi Steamers and Ovens


Top quality water in the hospitality sector produces light bakery products with a crispy crust, vegetables that retain their appetising colour and precious vitamins and minerals, and roasted meats with a succulent centre and delicate aroma.



Top quality water ensures the perfect enjoyment of foods cooked in combi steamers and ovens, such as a fragrant loaf of bread, tender, succulent roast beef or a fresh crunchy plate of vegetables packed with vitamins – all thanks to excellent water. Water treated specifically for use in the catering and hospitality sector prevents limescale from forming in expensive appliances like combi steamers and ovens, and will prevent blockages in fine micro-nozzles.

BWT bestprotect


Benefits at a glance:


  • Ideal for steam generation in combi steamers, ovens and steam cookers
  • Removes particles, flavour-inhibiting substances and the taste of chlorine from the water
  • Protects expensive equipment and appliances against limescale and gypsum deposits
  • Minimises the risk of corrosion by stabilising the pH value

Water Optimisation in Dishwasher Technology



Apart from the quality of food and drink, visual impressions also play an important role in hospitality. Perfect dishwashing results ensure cleanliness, good hygiene and pristine-looking dishes, glassware and cutlery.


Because first impressions count

In addition to the quality of the dishwasher and cleaning agents, water plays a decisive role in the sparkle and perfect appearance of dishes, glassware and cutlery. And, depending on the water properties, limescale deposits and smears can form on tableware to the detriment of the overall presentation to the guest. However, optimised water from BWT will help you create a dazzling all-round first impression.

BWT bestaqua CLEAN

Benefits at a glance:


  • Excellent limescale protection for dishwashers in the hospitality sector
  • Water optimisation using reverse osmosis (removes extraneous substances, including calcifiers and minerals, from the water)
  • Ideal for optimising large volumes of water for pristine, flawless crockery
  • Compact, energy-efficient, low-maintenance and easy to service

Water Optimisation for Water Dispensers


Would you like a nice refreshing drink? The welcoming gesture of offering cool water to guests and visitors is an increasing trend in many industries. Water dispensers are the ideal solution for hotels and restaurants.


BWT bestdrink PREMIUM

The magnesium filter cartridges in BWT’s latest drinking water dispenser remove the limescale, particles and taste-impairing substances from the water while enriching it with magnesium. This process uses water tapped directly from the mains to feed the dispenser.


It’s the ideal way to offer customers and visitors a refreshing drink whenever it is needed, and they can choose water at room temperature, refreshingly cool, sparkling or hot.

Additional Information


For more information on solutions and products for hotels & hospitality, please visit the BWT water+more website.

BWT water+more website

BWT technology – ever-present, wherever needed


It goes without saying that BWT also offers the perfect solution for a wide variety of drinking and industrial water systems, whether for filtering particles and impurities out of the water, protecting pipework from deposits and calcification, or providing silky-soft BWT pearly water for greater efficiency or better resource conservation. BWT also makes an ideal partner for comprehensive management of your water hygiene, preventing and removing Legionella and other bacteria.


For decades, BWT has been an expert player in the treatment of water for swimming baths and pools. The company, true to its motto “Everything from a single source”, not only guarantees perfect water quality, but undertakes the planning of your pool ̶ including the features and design of the pool surround, coordination and implementation of the construction phase and expert service support.